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Mary Wassef

 "The FirstTeach classes have been invaluable to my business.  Technology isn’t worth much if the user can’t relate it back to their business.  Steve does a fantastic job of both demystifying the technology and presenting it in such a way that the benefit to one’s business is quite clear.  Steve not only understands technology, but he also understands real estate. This would be a dangerous combination if I had to compete against him, but luckily Steve is on my side!"

Paula Perry Karp

"Wow! What a GREAT class! I do not have Top Producer as of yet; however, Steve sure knows his stuff! He's the best. Thanks for allowing us to gain such great knowledge at your place. I'll be back!"

Jocelyn Warren

"I really enjoyed the class I attended with Steve. I learned so much about my digital camera I did not know before, and now it all makes sense. Steve makes it very easy to understand what he is teaching, and one is not afraid to ask him questions. I am looking forward to taking many more classes as I desperately need them. Thank you for hosting these classes for our office."


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